Our Children

Measuring our impact by the numbers is critical, but it’s the individual faces and stories that move us.



When we think of need, we think of Katie. Left in an orphanage because of her disability, confined to a crib from which she was hardly ever lifted. Continue reading “Katie”



Ravi got off to a rough start. He was born near Pune, India with very low birth weight (just over 5 pounds) and was small for his gestational age. At three months old, he underwent surgery to repair a heart condition. Taken together, these factors were two strikes against his ability to thrive. Continue reading “Ravi”



Zach was one of the almost 500,000 children in the US Foster Care System and one of over 10,000 children who are in Foster Care in Oregon on any given day. That changed in 2012, when Anne and Ron adopted him.  When he toddled through their door at just under two years old, he’d had no stable family life, and the impact on him was clear. Continue reading “Zach”



Four year-old Aruzhan (meaning “beautiful soul”) lives in Kazakhstan, where she is one of 66,000 children impacted by disability and one of 30,000 children living in state care. Continue reading “Aruzhan”